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Our 13th year in business could be lucky for you!
Every 13th order (parts, service booking, etc) will go into a monthly draw and yes, we do monitor all these things! Oh, and if your classic sports car is 13 years old it automatically goes into the draw for a modest prize you know how mean we are!

Wheel Alignment

As a Porsche driver you will be sensitive to the car 'not feeling right'. Often this is a matter of the car not riding well, perhaps by pulling more to one side than the other. This is usually because the wheels are out of alignment leading to uneven tyre wear with all its consequent costs.

At Marque 21 a clever computerised wheel alignment system will sort the problem for you. Extremely accurate, it will soon have your wheels correctly aligned according to the manufacturer's original specification. You will notice the improvement the moment you drive off!

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