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Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera

This 911 came to us needing the kidney bowls replaced. As all you Porsche enthusiasts will know, this is a common problem with the 911 model. Even if the car looks fine visually from the outside this does not mean that there are not horrors lurking! It is always best to have the kidney bowl areas inspected before purchasing as it can be costly to put right.

Firstly the outer and inner sills were removed, the door jamb section and the bottom of the rear quarter panel section were cut away to assess the extent of the corrosion. As you can see from the pictures the kidney bowls were excessively corroded.

All surface rust was then removed and all panels in the surrounding area were inspected to make sure they had all been taken back to good solid metal before the repairs can begin. All areas were then primed and rust proofed.

All new panels are fitted and aligned for good panel gaps starting with the sills and kidney bowls, then the new door jambs are welded into place. A rear quarter panel section was fabricated and welded into place, all panels were rust proofed and primed ready for the painter.

The car is then painted ready for re-fitting, the re-fitting is completed leaving you with a good solid 911 ready to be driven on the road again. This is a job we have carried out many times at Marque 21. If you would like to know the costs involved for replacing the kidney bowls on your Porsche 911 please do get in touch.

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