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Porsche 911T 1970 Targa

This 911 came to us needing some fairly extensive bodywork. As is very common with these cars the kidney bowls, sills and jacking points were badly corroded and needed replacing. We started off by stripping the car to ascertain the extent of corrosion.

As you can see from the pictures the extent of the corrosion was worse than first anticipated. After removing panels we came across a lot more lead and bodyfiller than could originally be seen.This car also had corrosion in other areas such as the rear quarters (inner and outer), front wing and front A posts. This poor old 911 was in need of much TLC!

After uncovering all the nasty little horrors this 911 was hiding we set to work by cutting away the corroded parts of the car bringing it back to a good foundation.

After removing all the rusty parts to leave us with good clean bare metal, new panels are aligned and welded in piece by piece starting with the inner sill, jacking point and re-inforcing bracket. These components are then rust proofed and seam sealed. The kidney bowl and outer sill are then aligned and replaced, again these components are rust proofed and seam sealed.

The rear wings on this car were very corroded and therefore needed to be replaced. The old wings were removed, any signs of corrosion were removed from the inner wings and then rust proofed. New wing panels were fitted and aligned correctly.

The floor pan on the front end of the car was excessively corroded and failed the MOT as the front suspension is located here. The old floor pan and battery retaining bracket were removed, any minor repairs to surrounding areas were carried out and rust proofed and a new floor pan and battery retaining bracket were welded in place making sure the front suspension was aligned in the process.

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