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Our 13th year in business could be lucky for you!
Every 13th order (parts, service booking, etc) will go into a monthly draw and yes, we do monitor all these things! Oh, and if your classic sports car is 13 years old it automatically goes into the draw for a modest prize you know how mean we are!

Keeping a shine on your metal

You may enjoy keeping your car looking pristine while for others it’s bit of a chore. Whichever category you fall into, we have the answer thanks to Autoglym!

Pop in to see what is available (probably quicker than finding your nearest Halfords plus we give you a coffee!!). The range starts with a full cleaning/polishing kit that includes the all-important Carnauba pad which leaves your paintwork as smooth as skin and goes on to super resin polishes and cloths.

If you spend time giving your car a really good clean from the ground up, it will only need a quick wash with Autoglym shampoo to keep its shine; however, if you are a real enthusiast you will find products for chrome, glass, paintwork and metal that will give your car that dream-like appearance which adds pounds to its value.

Autoglym offers high quality, a broad range of applications, an easy-to-use approach and all at reasonable prices. We’re fans and so are our customers.

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